Frozen Mercury

What is this website about, you might ask?

Simply put, it’s just another website now on the internet. But the idea came about by reading up on many of the web pages to which link references were given by friends and colleagues alike. Graphic designer by interest and Web developer by profession, to built a website as a means to accomplish the task of creating a website and thereby explore the functionality and various possibilities of using WordPress.

An initiative to share information, ideas, articles, pictures, art. Covering destinations to travel to, computer related information such as hardware, software, graphic design and development. Just about anything that may seem helpful and worthwhile is here. This website is likely to evolve to possibly have more categories.

Why is this website called so?

There is neither anything sentimental nor any rational explanation to it’s name. Just the fact that mercury is a unique metal in liquid form seemed intriguing enough.

So then, what is Frozen Mercury?

Mercury is unique, as it is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature, having a melting point of -40 C, and a boiling point of 357 C. So when frozen, mercury forms crystals in the rhombohedral system at low pressure, and in the tetragonal system at high pressure.

Chemistry: Hg, Elemental Mercury, Class: Elements, Group: Gold
The atomic weight is 200.59 grams per mole while it’s density is 13.53 grams/cm3.
When Mercury is frozen (- 39 Celsius) in order to be turned into wire, it becomes a superconductor. Extremely low ‘Light’ content.

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