Ride at Sirsi

Sirsi – Shivaganga falls – Unchalli falls (Nov 30, Dec 1 2013)

An enchanting route in Uttar Kannad district of Karnataka riding through the lush green surrounding and getting close view of the popular waterfalls. Sirsi, being the center of this amazing route along with two waterfalls – Unchalli falls and Shivagange falls.

Riders having their own bikes were to drop them off at designated spots the previous day as the van (carrying the bikes) that was organised had to start much prior to us. On Nov 29, 2013, we assembled at the pickup point at around 8:30 p.m and started from there an hour later. After a bumpy seemingly never ending ride on the bus, we finally reach Sirsi by 7:30am.

Day 1 – Saturday, Nov 30, 2013 (85km)
Having refreshed, we ride 15km to Sonda cross to stop for breakfast and then take a left to ride 23km to reach Hilekul. At a junction, a right turn would lead to the waterfalls while a left back to Sirsi. Riders who choose not to ride the extra km to the waterfalls were given the option to skip this and take a left towards Sirsi, but all managed to ride on all the way to the waterfalls. From here, it was good paced ride along with Suman, Noel and Krishnan all the way up to to Shivaganga falls reaching there by noon. Spent an hour sight-seeing, taking pictures and then we all had a hearty lunch.

Later, we started to head back towards Sirsi when Krishnan had happened to see few children walking past eating ice lolly. The urge to eat ice lolly made him stop by a small shop a little further on route and so we stopped here to spend over half an hour, eating ice lolly reminding ourselves of our days back in school. Few other riders turned up by then, and so started to ride on at a good pace and reached the place of stay by 5pm. The senior-most rider amongst us was the first to get back with his early start, mostly non-stop and constant riding pace. He was truly an inspiration.

At Sonda cross for breakfastOn route to HilekulOn route to HilekulSteps leading to view Shivaganga fallsView points at Shivaganga fallsSmall stream at Shivaganga fallsLunch break at Shivaganga fallsBreak at Hirekul

Day-2 – Sunday, Dec 1,2013 (45km)
The day’s ride was to ride from Sirsi to Unchalli falls and then another 30km to Siddapur.
After having coffee, we started to ride at 6:30am onto kumta road towards Unchalli falls which was 45kms of pristine greenery on route and smooth tarmac to ride on that would entice any road biker. With only one break due to road repair work going on which had us lifting our bikes to cross over that patch and ride on. After 13km, we reached the bus stop at Ammenahalli for breakfast. Rode on further towards Heggarni as we stopped many a time to take snaps along the way. At one such clearing by the road, spent over half hour leisurely taking snaps before heading on.

As we neared Unchalli falls, there were two climbs that was quite challenging but covered it on 2-3, 2-4 gear ratio. Another 2.5km and we reached Unchalli falls. Having decided earlier on as to not ride further (another 30km to Siddapur as per the itenary), spent time here taking snaps. After lunch, we had to ride back to the end point and this meant to ride back a good steep climb which tested my mettle but rode on 1-3 and beat it to the top nevertheless giving a sense of satisfaction. After which was an easy ride back to the end point to then freshen up at a nearby water tank, while the bikes were loaded onto the canter van and then we boarded the bus.

Early morning rays on route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsOn route to Unchalli fallsPathway to Unchalli fallsUnchalli falls

The bus stopped at Siddapur for lunch and then later by evening at Kadur for coffee. By about 11pm, we reached Bangalore. We left for our homes bidding farewell to each other. Rode back home with all the happy memories of the ride and having made new friends as well. Special thanks to Biju for coordinating the ride despite having his hands full in fixing few bikes that had problems.

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